Mild refining technologies

Oil purification of vegetable oils - Mild refining process

„Mild refining“ technologies enable optimized sensory properties in products that comply with EU pollutant limits and organic certifications.

The purification and refinement of high quality oils and fats are a big challenge that requires a special treatment. The crude oils must be treated with a gentle refining process to remove mineral oils, reduce free fatty acids and contaminants, while at the same time keeping important micronutrients. Especially during the oil purification of vegetable oils and sensitive omega-3 oils, a gentle refining process is essential to produce high quality oils. 

With „mild refining“ technologies, we succeed in purification and oil decontamination without the formation of process contaminants, i.e. a reduction of 3-MCPD and glycidol - for which strict limits applied since January 2021 - is the pleasing result. Highly pure and sensorially neutral products can thus be produced in a gentle manner. 

After treatment, these oils have 3-MCPD / GE levels far below the legal requirements. Mineral oil residues, plasticizers, free fatty acids and other contaminants are effectively reduced, while micronutrients are preserved. Especially in the sensitive sector of baby food, this process is becoming increasingly important. 

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