About us

We operate both nationally and internationally in the oil- and fat-processing industry. In Switzerland, we are a leading company in the segment for special and organic products.

Since our company was founded, our philosophy has been to work together with our customers to find physiological nutritional trends and to develop our products in accordance with these.

This targeted customer orientation has been based on consistently high quality, sound advice, efficient logistics and vision. The result today: Nutriswiss AG is able to meet our customers' requirements and provide added value.

What is important to us?

As one of the leading manufacturers of edible fats in Switzerland we make every effort to meet the various customer requirements and market demands.

Our commitment to customer service is demonstrated in our custom-made products and solutions, our flexibility and our small batch sizes of 500 kg to 2500 kg.

History of Nutriswiss AG


We are upgrading our refining machine and setting new standards. We offer even greater food safety with the unique short path distillation system, which preserves valuable nutrients, prevents process contaminants and removes harmful substances when refining edible oils. .  


The acquisition of the new automated emulsifier plant guarantees the delivery of additives to the finished product after refining.

Our refinery is going entirely kosher. Following the tankers and bulk containers, part of our packing process is now also kosher.  


The old packaging facility is replaced with a new, state-of-the-art cardboard packaging facility including packing robots for fat. 


The BELFINA brand is completely redesigned for the food service industry and is offered for sale with new products in cash-and-carry (C&C) outlets, wholesale food suppliers and regional wholesalers.


Nutriswiss enters the food service market as a brand for frying oils and edible oils by launching 10 products.


The brand BELFINA is born for the retail trade. Our own range of retail trade products, consisting of plant-oil creams and fats, is listed at Coop, Spar, Manor and Aligro.


Nutriswiss enters the food service market with its own range of edible fat products. As a first step, it supplies C&C markets and wholesale food suppliers.


In 1997, successful export activities led to Morgia SA being renamed NUTRISWISS AG.


In 1987, Morgia SA moved to larger premises in Lyss which offered more room for further expansion than was available in Morges. Following the move, business rapidly took off. The company immediately started producing three times as much as was originally planned and the business results improved accordingly, enabling the company to install its own fat melter in 1988.


In 1967, further restructuring left the ownership of Produits Morgia SA in the hands of the Cooperative of Central Swiss Master Butchers in Liebefeld in Bern and the Melters of Geneva. The original purpose of the company was to manufacture and distribute food under the Morgia brand name and trade in products for chemists' and grocers' shops. Despite this intention, Morgia SA began trading in fats and oils very early on.


In 1959, Friederich Steinfels AG in Zurich, Usego in Olten, Chirat SA in Carouge, Coop Lausanne, a Dutch oil refinery, two producers' cooperatives from the butchery industry and others acquired a financial interest in the company.


In 1951, Morgia became a limited company.


Morgia SA began manufacturing edible fats back in 1914. Rapidly growing expertise resulted in the company producing an increasing number of edible fats. In particular, olive oil, pork and beef fat were in great demand and sold extremely well. There were no refining systems yet available at the end of the First World War, so Morgia SA was not yet able to refine its products. In those days, all the fats and oils were sold with their original flavour.

From the 1950s to the 1970s Morgia SA extended its production field to include bakery fats and margarine. The company also experienced a few setbacks. Shortly after the Second World War, business decreased. At the time, Morgia SA focused its investment too heavily in oils. One of the company's largest retail customers saw the high returns to be had with the product and started producing himself. Morgia SA was saved thanks to investment from GZM, who had faith that the company would succeed, trusting in particular in the skills of the Morgia employees.


The company was founded as a sole trader in the Swiss town of Auw in Morges in 1879. Nutriswiss AG started off as part of Produits Morgias SA in Morges, in the canton of Vaud.

Facts and figures

Founding year: 1879
Location: Lyss/canton Berne in Switzerland
Start of production in Lyss: 1987
Production: 55.000 to in 3 shifts
Sister company: Grüninger AG/Mitlödi (Margarines and bakery products)

Quality awards

Several factors play a vital role in enabling us to successfully achieve our business targets. These include not only the quality of our products and services, but also optimal business efficiency, environmental protection measures and the highest level of product safety. This is why it is imperative that we work to continually improve all aspects of our company, so that we can meet the needs of our customers.

An important criterion for our definition of quality is the satisfaction of both our customers and our employees. The implementation and maintenance of quality management has led to our processes and procedures being defined and documented in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and FSSC 22000.

Our products are tested in our QA laboratory before, during and after the production process to ensure that they meet the specified quality criteria. Continuous process checks throughout the production chain monitor each step.

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