Food industry

Fats and oils play a vital part in determining the quality of innumerable food products. They impart both taste and structure and ensure that the food can be processed and formed as required. For example, the production of puff pastries and other pastry products would be unthinkable without fats. The fats give the dough the necessary rising and crumbliness. The fat is responsible for the form and structure of chocolate coatings too. Some food products only become edible through having the right amount of fat.

Fats are of great importance in the nutritional physiology. Not only do they carry unsaturated fatty acids, for example α-linolenic acid (an Omega-3 fatty acid), but they also carry natural, oil-soluble vitamins, such as tocopherol, vitamin E, etc.

Thanks to our knowledge in buying raw materials, the gentle pressing of the seeds, the refining and modification of oils and fats and finally, knowing the application, we are able to offer individual solutions. Special products need special fats.